Welcome to Mega Homes

Even though Mega Homes has been building homes for Victorian families for over 30 years, we still treat each new home as if we are building our very first. We pride ourselves on making sure we are with our clients from the start, right through to completion and even beyond. Once you are a Mega Homes client we will be with you all the way.



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30 years experience

Mega Homes has been building homes for Victorian Families for over 30 years. We have a highly skilled and experienced team to help you achieve the home you imagine.

Guaranteed start

Once you decide to build with us we will tell you exactly when we will start work on your site – and we’ll stick to it. This means you can start you planning process knowing your home will be ready in time.

Maintenance pledge

You will receive the highest level of service and care by building with Mega Homes. This does not stop once we handover your completed home.  Our 12-month maintenance period will ensure any issues post-delivery of your home are addressed.

Structural warranty

Mega Homes designs and builds houses their customers call home. Our 25-year structural guarantee will give you the peace of mind knowing if anything should go wrong with the structure of your home we will be there to make it right.

Your Mega Homes journey…

If you haven’t built a new home before it may seem daunting. To get a better understanding of the process click through to See your Journey.


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